Modern day survival, the Olde ways.

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Because you want to Awaken your ability to expand your horizons.  Start a New Life.  New Beginnings.  New Attitude. Fearlessly!




Both ‘real time’ and online versions including, but not limited to:

  • Chakra Iridology
  • Feng Shui – many topics including Clearing the Clutter, Decorating with FS, FS for the Garden, Relationships
  • Intuition Development
  • Space clearing (physical and energetic)
  • NLP – for clarity, purpose and decision making
  • Stressbusters
  • Pain Management
  • Healing through Play and Travel
  • Adventures for the Soul
  • Ancestral Soul Dance (circle dance)

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • fear of going it alone
  • self doubt
  • fear of future
  • procrastination
  • unclear on how to move forward
  • feeling alone
  • tired
  • not feeling heard
  • feeling like you don’t belong
  • in pain
  • stressed


Return to holistic self-help and empowerment.

Reconnect to self, source and nature to banish fear, pain, indecision.

Reclaim your powerful sense of self, confidence and vitality.


This new Membership Program will range from free to advanced levels.

  • information
  • online courses
  • online workshops
  • how-to’s
  • experiential exercises
  • pdf’s
  • videos
  • travel ops
  • and some great fun will all be Yours!

All at your own pace and according to your interests.

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