Can something be Exciting and Peaceful simultaneously?  Overcoming fear.

Can something be Exciting and Peaceful simultaneously? Overcoming fear.


Watch this video clip and decide for yourself.

Baumgartner’s space jump

How exhilarating and humbling!

This is how I view that life should be. The perfect job, relationship, hobby, event et al could be the exact combination needed of all.

Just think what being with a partner that gave you the comfort of your favourite sweater but still after years ‘made your tail wag’. Dog lovers will get this one.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to go to work each day with that combination of belonging yet a touch of that little kid magic of what the day will bring?

I see kayaking in this light. I love the peace and connectedness of floating on a river (gives me the combination of both water and forest) coupled with the charge of turbulent water or waves/wind that I receive due to my inability to swim and fear of water.

I love being on or near the water but cannot put my face in. Which leads me to fear…..

We all have our fears. Although many might say they are irrational but to our minds, emotions and physiology they are very real. Why let fear stand in the way of doing something memory making?

Is overcoming fear possible?

I have overcome or at least side stepped some of my fears because I was born with insatiable curiosity. Wanting to know what something feels like or looks/sounds like overpowers my little voice telling me to not do it.

I have never regretted stepping beyond my fears and experiencing life – and oh what a great world we live in when we embrace it and explore.

But do keep in mind, that sometimes fear is a warning sign of danger or boundaries being overstepped. More on this later.

Be safe! Be fulfilled! Be challenged!

Now get out there and just do it.

Disaster or silver lining?  Road block or opportunity?

Disaster or silver lining? Road block or opportunity?

Although………things are not always the way they seem. Perhaps the initial event looks to be unwelcome. But think back to something that happened in your life (or another person’s life) that started out looking catastrophic.

Things like losing a job, a close relationship ending, household problems. Later you see that it was a blessing to get out of a soul killing job and now are doing something you love!

Or perhaps a year (hopefully less) after a break up you see how toxic that person really was for you? Or even if not toxic, just ‘flat line’ – and now you’ve been able to meet a vibrant loving new mate. Or learned to enjoy ‘just being you’.

Perhaps the extra expense of having to fix a household issue helps you discover an unseen additional problem, when fixed now is not major – but could have grown to be. Or maybe even you’ll make a connection with someone connected with the repair.

I know some times ( or lots of times) it’s not easy to see the ‘silver lining’ or to accept that everything really is o.k. I don’t know to whom I can credit this saying – but I love it!
“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.”

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