How Intuition could save a senior’s life

How Intuition could save a senior’s life

Ever get these ideas in the middle of nowhere that don’t seem to make sense? Do you ignore them? Let your mind rule the roost?
Read this true account and see why you should pay attention to your Intuition.

The other day I was working away at my computer. I had the clear ‘idea’ that I would go for a walk now. Nope – not falling for that procrastination ploy. A walk would come AFTER I finished the task at hand.

A few minutes later the same urge to go for a walk showed up – stronger this time. Again, I ignored it.

The third time it arrived I said “OK, why not?”. Maybe I need the fresh air and exercise to clear my mind – then I can apply myself to the tasks at hand.

I bundled up – it was a very cold day and set off. Because I had work to do I didn’t walk the waterfront or go to the forest. I just wandered through my neighbourhood. Nice walk – uneventful.


Intuition hits again


When it was time to turn up my street the ‘pull’ to continue a little farther and go in the other way presented. Again, I paused – but then complied.

Not too far along I heard a faint sound from across the road. I couldn’t see anything – thinking I was now, on top of procrastinating, starting to hear voices. I continued a little and heard it again. I stopped and again looked across the road. This time I saw the source of the sound.

We had had massive snowfalls recently and the snowbanks were huge and soft. There in the snowbank a little head and one waving hand became visible. I crossed the road to find a tiny elderly lady had fallen into the snowbank and effective had buried herself.


I first checked to see that she could move a little without pain – wanted to ensure no breaks. I helped her get to her feet (thankfully she was tiny), brought her safely across the road from the mailboxes and then went back to retrieve her dropped mail and house key.
She had been there for quite some time and was frozen right through. This is a quiet suburb and it would have been at least 3 ½ more hours until the after-work crowd may have stopped at the mailboxes. That might have been too late for this lovely lady.

I’m so glad I let the seemingly unrealistic urge to go walking win over to my mindset. I shudder to think that if I hadn’t listened to my intuition I might have heard on the news that night that someone had died of exposure and where. How would I have felt knowing that I could have done something and didn’t?


Where is this Intuition?

Intuitive newsflash

Where do these intuitive messages come from? Various sources I believe. It matters not. I teach in my Intuition Development courses that if a ‘message’ or as I call them “newsflashes” present pay attention. The more out of place, out of character or silly they seem the more you should listen.

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Banish the Clutter – where do I start?

Banish the Clutter – where do I start?

Banish the Clutter!

Where do I start?

Banish the Clutter and feel more free.

Everything is attached to you with a constantly tugging string. Clutter is one of the main causes of stale energy in and around a home.

When chi enters your home it can get stuck in crowded corners, overstuffed closets, over-filled drawers or on messy counter tops, behind doors, in purses, in collections.

A good rule to follow is if you don’t like it, don’t need it or haven’t used it in two years, get rid of it.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Is it essential?
  • Does it enhance my life?


Then sort your things into 3 piles or boxes.


Yes I really need/want this

Someone else can have it

Throw it out


Start small if it seems overwhelming. Start with one dresser drawer or one corner of a room.


Clearing clutter takes time, but is well worth the effort.


The feeling of clarity of mind, good health and sense of accomplishment are very rewarding.


Don’t forget to give yourself frequent rewards also.


How to make the holidays sparkle when alone.

How to make the holidays sparkle when alone.



Do you cringe when the Hallmark Moment holidays approach?

Will you be alone and not looking forward to it?
Want to change that? You can if you really want to.

Pity Party

I won’t be seeing my son and his lovely partner until after Christmas. My electronic day timer note popped up to decorate. Snorting…I deleted that wondering what would be the point. No one would see them except me. (note to self for future reference: I’m worth doing it for – but that’s another blog) Bah Humbug!

This is the first Christmas since my Mom passed as well.

Today I thought about my stuffed Grinch and I put it on the staircase…which led to thinking about a few treasures I’ve kept from childhood – are you ready for this? Causing a Smile.

So I said to myself “Self, just get a few of your favourites out – you don’t have to do it all”. I dug out the decorations from the basement to find my fav’s. And then couldn’t resist bringing them all upstairs.

Most of my decorations are beautifully handcrafted by friends, my Mom and picked up in travels. Several of my friends are no longer. The day went from smiles from memories of years gone by to tears of missing them.

Several times I stopped decorating as I just didn’t have it in me. But I kept coaxing myself back.

“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.”
–Dr. Seuss

Idea sparks

Then I wondered who else wouldn’t be seeing family? I decided to scope it out and invite them here for dinner.

No sooner did I get that thought solidified and things started to change. I discovered that there were several hikes going on in the area over the holidays and an out of town friend I haven’t seen for far too long emailed me to invite me for dinner. And there is a great house concert planned for one of the evenings.

The outcome?

When you feel grumpy or un-motivated just take one little step forward. If that’s all you accomplish that’s still great. But hopefully like in this case it will be the first step to changing the situation. Guess what? I ended up putting all the decorations up and it feels good!

The Bonus? I’ve discovered (or they discovered me) several amazingly fun events to attend – seeing old hiking pals and perhaps meeting some new. AND I then get to celebrate again when my son arrives!

Will it be easy? Nope – but it definitely will BE.

Your choice – pity party or Grande Party. Scrooge like feelings or Gratitude? I know which I prefer.

Change your Thinking – Change your Mood – Change your Life!

Mercury Retrograde.  Fact or Fiction?

Mercury Retrograde. Fact or Fiction?

Is it or isn’t it?

Mercury while in retrograde is said to rule in miscommunication, misinformation, misunderstanding and perhaps a host of other mis’ near and otherwise.

It is a time where it is said that contracts should not be signed, major decision not made.  More of a time for reflection, fine tuning ideas, working out details before launching.

Retrograde fever

I’ve often joked about the retrograde but this time……it’s got me.  It seems that every time I say anything in person or print, write a post or comment on someones, try to do anything techie it backfires and I end up trying to explain what I really meant.   Even in retrospect I cannot for the life of me see how things became so misconstrued.  Hey!  See the pattern here – yet another mis.  Misfiring everything.

“Adulthood didn’t make sense until I learned about Mercury in retrograde”

What a great time to have launched a new online program.  As we speak – ok it’s me doing the speaking – I cannot access the dashboard of one of my websites.  I haven’t changed anything, haven’t messed with the inner workings – nada.  Just decided to not give me access.

It’s ok though – it’s only the website I run my online courses through.  Argh!

I think I’m going into hibernation until this passes.  All has just been too bizarre.

What has gone awry in your world?  Please share – they say misery loves company – and I could use a little commiserating at the moment.

Just be careful what you say – I may misconstrue!    And hang on ……it will be over by Dec. 23.  Anyone want to run away until then?  Oh yes, forgot – travel is not advised during a retrograde.

All shenanigans aside……this is the perfect time to go inward, purge, reflect, cleanse and only then start to form loose plans for your future.  No active actions steps yet – just plotting and scheming.

Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting

Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting


December 2017


Use the power of this last Super Full Moon of the year.  Combined with a Mercury Retrograde we have quite the powerhouse here!

Don’t let the Retrograde scare you.  Use it with the Moon power for closure.  Make a tally or run through the past year or so to find whatever has not been dealt with.  Use this time to complete tasks, close out that which is non-beneficial and get ready to move forward.
This is a time to go inwards.  Retrospection can give you the clarity you need.

Once the purging is complete then move into planning mode.  Don’t be active in your life yet – quietly and thoughtfully map out where & how you want your life to be for 2018 and onward.  Do a loose plan/guideline/goal-setting always leaving space for fluidity and change.

Here is a Full Moon Ritual I love and find quite powerful.

You will need a Full Moon and coins (I used dimes – why I don’t know just do)

You need to be out in the open preferably on or your balcony or patio.

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

George Carlin

Start by grounding yourself using whatever method works best for you.

Take your coin and let it absorb the moons energy by placing in a window or if you are outside already you can put it anywhere. Leave it here for about ½ hour.

Ask the coin to connect to the moon.

After ½ hour, hold the coin between your palms and declare what you want to release and what new you want to bring in.  Imagine (visualize) your desired outcome.

Throw the coin towards the moon and say:


“All my concerns and wishes

I release to you, Grandmother Moon

Fill them with love and give them light

For the highest good of everyone involved”.


Don’t try to look where you coin fell or landed.  Just let it be.

Thank Grandmother moon and absorb her energy.

When I did this the first time,  I cut the grass the next day.  I was being greedy so did 3 different things and used 1 dime for each.

When I cut the poor excuse of grass they were all gone!  My grass that was left after the summer drought was so thin and sparse that there is no way they could be hiding.

Where did they go?  How cool is this?

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