Forge ahead or choose to nourish the soul?

Forge ahead or choose to nourish the soul?


Bite Size Resolutions  Day 5


Do something nice for yourself each and every day

It can be the same thing each day such as starting your day with yoga or meditation, or ending your day reading your favourite poetry.  Or it can be something different each day – planned on a whim or what is needed.

Today was spent with a clients, errands  and valiantly trying to catch up on coursework without much success.

So do I forge ahead and probably be fairly unproductive, settle in to ‘make’ myself do computer work?

I can be fairly certain continuing to work at the computer will result in stiffness and perhaps feeling tired.  Reading in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea will be wonderful, but how will I feel?  Will I feel like I wasted the day?


“My whole teaching is this;  accept yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself.”


As much as getting changed again and going out into the cool damp day did not appeal whatsoever, I knew how I will feel if I did go for a walk. Awesome! And invigorated and stress free.

I had a recording of a reading I wished to revisit – so for the one and only time thus far – took my phone with me on the walk to listen in.  Interesting experience.  I enjoyed having the time to listen to the recording while also getting fresh air and exercise.  That, to me was a three-fold win/win situation.  Actually four as it was a break from the computer..

So you need to trade off the pros and cons but more so, thinking about the end results of each choice.  How good will you feel?

Which one calls to You?  Which will reap the most benefit?

Well….I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go get changed & prepped for my New Moon Celebration tonight.  Remember an earlier post where I jested about dusting off  the fondue pot?  Well…..that is exactly what is happening tonight before our festivities.  See you!

Today I will ………what will/did you do for yourself today?

Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Bite Size Resolutions – Day 4



Today we will reinforce rekindling with the added attraction of simplifying.  It’s the name of the game.

My Sister and I love to cook, create & entertain.  Our plans for a family gathering started off as a 5 course meal.  All these great recipes were dug out or found anew.


Simplify dinner

My mind and heart (I do love to create in the kitchen) was aglow and running rampant.  As the week moved onward my schedule thickened leaving me a little less enthusiastic,  the menu started to morph.  And morph some more……and again.  All motivation to work really hard lost to the wind.

Yes, we ended up being fed – however, only 3 courses and not 5.  Some of the more elaborate menus were switched out for ones I could make a day ahead and have at the ready.  My perspective was changing.

” Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”

Henry David Thoreau

The same plan was put into operation at a dinner I hosted the other night.  Menus downsized, plans became simpler and I even graciously accepted the offer of one guest to bring dessert.

And you know what?  We all had a great time regardless of the fact that I had downsized the menu and choices.  Of course a little more wine and a great dessert make short work of any grumblings – if there were to be any.

Remember – it’s the quality of the company and conversation that really is key to a wonderful visit. At least that is  my viewpoint.  Less work = more enjoyment of your friends and family.

What will you recreate, morph or downsize in your life or lifestyle?

Purge & rekindle your way to feeling great

Purge & rekindle your way to feeling great



Bite Size Resolutions Day 3


MARCH 2017

To add to our “Keep the angels toss the energy vampires” exercise of yesterday we’ll head into inviting in those that enhance our lives – rekindle your ties.

Purge & rekindle.  Reconnect with people that resonate and hold a place in your heart.

Rekindle and also purge. At the same time lovingly (or not – your choice) let go of those who don’t.

We all have friends or family that we just don’t get to see often enough.  We’ve all become so busy and scattered geographically that regular or any get-togethers have fallen by the way side.

I invited wonderful friends that I hadn’t seen for too long for dinner.  Then to be efficient with time, I invited another.  Cooking for a pair or few doesn’t change much.  We all had so much fun and new friendships may have been kindled.

I was reminded of being known for my dinner and cocktail parties in the past – remember back when – when we did that a lot?  Guess that was when my wings were clipped with raising children and actually being home more often.


“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”

William Butler Yeats

I had a knack of mixing and matching different backgrounds, personalities, walks of life, interest groups etc.  By skill or great luck (who knows which) my parties were always fun and interesting in conversation.  By party I mean being able to have meaningful or intelligent conversation – not too many people/too much noise drinking fests.

I recall how much I enjoyed hosting these events and decided that I would make room for more of this.

Time to dust off the fondue set?  Lol

Action Steps:

Please take a moment to sit quietly, still your mind (well as much as you can), and let random thoughts/images of people you miss float through.

Then get to it!  Go ahead…..text, email or phone.  Hey remember that?  A real voice talking to you not at you?

Let us know in the Bite Size Challenge Group what you decided to do to rekindle and more importantly how does it make you feel?


Keep the angels toss the energy vampires

Keep the angels toss the energy vampires

Bite Size Resolution Day 2


MARCH 2017

What did you discover yesterday regarding the balance inequities in your life?

Today is the day to find some of the balance we found was lacking. Downsizing contact lists & finding the balance in relationships is the key today.


I found that although I do practice the balance concepts –  I need to divvy it up a little more beneficially.  I tend to go ‘all out’ in a fast a furious way to get a project completed (ok I confess….as a Gemini it is usually 6 projects at once).  Yep, I’ll be writing the segment on multitasking for me as well as for You.  😉

And then I take a day to play.

I strive to break up the tasks a little more by doing little play bits or rewards in between.  That way I won’t suffer fatigue, mental overload or stiffness from staying at task too long.


“Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.”

Irma Kurtz

Relationships of all types, romantic, friendship or business need to be reciprocal in some way.  If they are not, or are draining your energy then they must be released.


Being reciprocal does mean “I give you… give back now”.  Again it is a balance.  If you find yourself always giving while the other is always taking, this has to stop.


This is not as Scroogey or cruel as it may seem.  It’s called self-preservation or honouring ourselves and our time & energy.


If you a prone to over-giving, taking back seat, feeling like a doormat…..another days Bite will cover this.

Actionable steps:

  • Today I will continue to downsize my contacts; personal, business, emails newsletters, etc.  This seems to have evolved naturally in the past ½ year, but more needed.
  • This morning I’ve been unsubscribing, declining invitations to events that my heart isn’t in, and generally formulating a plan as to where/how I wish to spend my time and efforts.



Your life on a teeter totter

Your life on a teeter totter

Bite Size Resolution Challenge – Day 1


MARCH 2017

Happy Spring Equinox!  Integral is the balance between light and dark in Spring Equinox

Today’s Bite Size challenge is to find the BALANCE in our lives, or re-find in some cases – we tend to head off into either too much ‘doing’ or too much inaction = procrastination or stagnation.

Spring Equinox


Please read this post and then go to the post about Spring Equinox to see how you can capitalize on the energies of this period to manifest your goals.

How to Manifest

Although I encourage you to use any or all of the Suggestions for Manifesting – for today please focus on the BALANCE key.

Today take note (jot activities down or look at your day timer/calendar) of where most of your time is being spent.

At day’s end see what is in excess and what is deficient.  Start to think about (or better yet put into action) a way to bring balance.

“I always try to balance the light with the heavy – a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringes.”

Bette Midler

If your day(s) are mostly a flurry of activity and damage control – consciously book in time to meditate, read, walk or whatever helps you to quiet the chaos.

If you are in the opposite mode where you are procrastinating, frittering away the day, lacking focus……slate in time to actively and consciously set yourself to the task at hand without distraction.

Multi-tasking is not the golden egg as ‘they’ try to brainwash into thinking.  Multi-tasking is proven to be counter-productive.  (This will be the topic of another day).

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