Banish the Clutter!

Where do I start?

Banish the Clutter and feel more free.

Everything is attached to you with a constantly tugging string. Clutter is one of the main causes of stale energy in and around a home.

When chi enters your home it can get stuck in crowded corners, overstuffed closets, over-filled drawers or on messy counter tops, behind doors, in purses, in collections.

A good rule to follow is if you don’t like it, don’t need it or haven’t used it in two years, get rid of it.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Is it essential?
  • Does it enhance my life?


Then sort your things into 3 piles or boxes.


Yes I really need/want this

Someone else can have it

Throw it out


Start small if it seems overwhelming. Start with one dresser drawer or one corner of a room.


Clearing clutter takes time, but is well worth the effort.


The feeling of clarity of mind, good health and sense of accomplishment are very rewarding.


Don’t forget to give yourself frequent rewards also.


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