Amazing New Moon to change your Life

Amazing New Moon to change your Life




APRIL 2017

The Earth New Moon only happens three times a year!

This Taurus New Moon (the effects are felt 3 days before and 3 after) is the perfect time to  honour the body, the senses, a time to seek out like minded connections, go out in nature (even if it is only your yard or a local park), experience this rare energy of the Earth New Moon.


Why is this New Moon different?

Lately the political world, physical earth and by extension we, have been through a lot of change, chaos, choices, clearing space and letting go.

This Earth New Moon on Wednesday is the perfect opportunity to ask for more clarity.  Clarity of intention, focus, direction and a plan are all part of this Earthy Moon.  Grounding – whether by energy work, being in nature or whatever method you use is key right now.  If you need help – ask.  This is a time to put aside distractions and other people’s needs/wants.

This Taurus New Moon (the effects are felt 3 days before and 3 after) is the perfect time to  honour the body, the senses, a time to seek out like minded connections, go out in nature (even if it is only your yard or a local park), experience this rare energy of the Earth New Moon.

The Earth New Moon only happens three times a year!  Don’t miss this opportunity.

“There is a side of the Moon which we never see, but that hidden half is as potent a factor in causing the ebb and flow of the Earth’s tide as the part of the Moon which is visible.”

Max Heindel

Use the Taurus Bull energy of this New Moon to make a plan and implement it.  Jump out of any stuck mindsets or habits.  This is the month to seek tangible results from our implementation of a plan, idea or desire.  Use this time to purge and spruce up your surroundings – and You too.

Taurus doesn’t usually like abrupt change.  Take time to plan your actions, make a plan:  use a spreadsheet, tracking/organizing software (I like Evernote and Wunderlist), find an accountability partner, make your intent known.

And then act.  Set things in motion – but then be patient.  Don’t try to force your plans.  Dream them, plant them, nurture the energy around them and patiently wait for growth.  Yep – just like planting seeds in the earth.

Some Ways to Harness the New Moon energy

  • Go out in nature
  • Spend time balanced between being social and being really alone.
  • Express your gratitude.
  • Spruce up your surroundings and your own self.
  • Make your meals mindfully and with love.  Enjoy them the same way.
  • Clear your space and your inner self to prepare for the abundance that is coming – if you do the work!
  • Make lists and/or tracking systems for your plan.
  • Look back over this past year or farther and see what you will release and what you might change to move towards your desired goals.
  • Subscribe to the prelaunch updates for Ancestral-Energy for more ways to evolve & manifest.

Overwhelm seems to be prevalent of late – work to eliminate this feeling.  Breathe, be mindful of your tasks or doings, ask for help, be grateful, delegate or just plain let go of what isn’t a priority.  Having a clear plan can help reduce the feeling of overload and to eventually eliminate it.

Take one or all of these suggestions, find your space and get creative!

Why I’m thankful I messed up my website.  Or Believe!

Why I’m thankful I messed up my website. Or Believe!


Why I’m thankful I messed up my website.  Or Believe!

Today I will continue to feel blessed for what I have and what is going right.  It’s so easy to jump into worry and drama.


The other day I was working behind the scenes on a new website. Well….something went terribly amiss and I could not log into any of my websites!  I search the net in vain for a solution, sent off tech support panic messages to no avail.  So many solutions that didn’t work.  Figured I’d be spending my day at it again….having cancelled all plans.


The next morning I awoke faaar too early with worry on my mind.  I didn’t want to ruin my day before it started so did some Reiki on myself.  It calmed me down enough to think that perhaps a miracle had occurred overnight and all would be well.  I tried to log in to all the sites to no avail.

I decided then to continue on with plans for sushi lunch and that night’s dinner & party.  Just put it aside while waiting for a solution – someone must have one somewhere.  I needed to Trust that all would be well.


“Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Just as I about to go into the shower to drown my sorrows and plan my escape to hermit-dom sans technology I had the ‘newsflash’ to check again.  Really dumb idea as I had just done that ½ hour prior.  Well….I listened and guess what?  All was working again!

OK that is too weird, even for me to handle.  I guess the Universe just wanted me to take it easy for a day – I had been overdoing it at the computer for days now.

One of the good/bad things about having taught Reiki for over 20 years is my students.  Whenever I veer from what I teach, they’re more than happy to step up and remind me.  Thanks!

Whatever caused the issue that had been present for 12 hours to magically vanish matters not today.  What does matter is learning/remembering to Trust.


“All will work out in the end.  If it hasn’t, it’s not the end”.  Sorry I don’t know who to attribute this quote to.

What will You believe in today?  And hopefully everyday…..


Today I will let go of Worry

Today I will let go of Worry

Bite Size Resolution Day 7


Today I will let go of worry……just for today – I can do it!

My Son left Paris a few days before the attacks.  I thought it was wonderful that he was now in good old Belgium.  Safe  right?

No one ever hears of Belgium in the news do they?  Then I heard from a friend in Europe that purportedly the next planned attack was EU headquarters.  Guess where that is?  Brussels, BELGIUM!  Guess what city my Son was in?

Well, do you think this got the Mom worry machine going full bore?  You betcha!  It doesn’t matter that he is a full grown, competent man.  Yes, I know ladies, sometimes that sentence is an oxymoron.  My apologies to all the together men out there – you know this wasn’t directed at You.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention he had donated his cell phone to the floor of a cab one night.  This was his means of communication home.  So no word from him, no way to contact him and me left with my worrying Mom mind.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.”

Corrie Ten Boom

What to do with Worry?

Then my little logical part of my brain kicked in and I recalled what I would say to a Reiki student should this present.  I love my students – usually when I’m doing/saying/acting in some human way – they remind me of what I would say to them.  (smile)

One of the Reiki ideals is just that.  “Just for today, I will let go of worry”.  I’ve only been teaching/practicing Reiki for 20 years – why would I know that?  Lol

What did I do?  I used my Reiki skills to calm the monkey mind and then go deep within and calm the heart.  It’s truly remarkable how this can be done.  I certainly have called on this skill many times over the years to bring peace to my world.

And then one morning…..  I received an email from #1 Son of his arrival home schedule.  Yeah!  I’m grateful for the skills to centre and overcome fear.

On departure evening, they were watching the news on the tv screen at the airport.  His gf announced that something awful was happening ‘somewhere’.  Well…..the police raids were going on in downtown Brussels – which is where they had just come from.  I’m thinking having attuned #1 son to Reiki when he was young may be helping his Guardian Angels look after him.

Others forms of centering such as meditation and yoga etc. can help these situations as well.  You need to stop the mind chatter and be present in the moment to calm.  Some of the more advanced Reiki techniques can take that much further and allow for ‘tapping in’ to the other person.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Want more info on what Reiki can do for You?  Go to  (sister website to ancestral-energy)

Stop the expletives already!

Stop the expletives already!

Bite Size Resolution Day 6



Stop using expletives!#*#!##



Many friends, clients & students have commented that 2016 was pretty much a WTF year.  So much globally, personally and politically gone seriously awry.  We seemed to be in a perpetual electronic Mercury retrograde, plans requiring much altering, health issues, so many losses.  It did go on.


Unfortunately that very descriptive term crept into daily use. There will always time that the term will be very aptly elicited however it does not need to be a regular term.  Like when we were raising our children – we needed to pick the times that ‘punishment’ of sorts were used.  Save it for the big stuff.

Must swear off from swearing. Bad habit.

Rutherford B. Hayes

I don’t think in the 27 years my ex and I were together that he ever heard me drop the F bomb.  Swearing just wasn’t something I did.  Gives an idea of what a year this past one was – and of course I’ll lay some blame on my younger friends as a bad influence.  😉

Conscious effort will be made to stop myself before saying it and replace it with a more socially acceptable word.  I can’t say apt – because when I do use the other it sure is fitting!

You can do this with any habit or thought form.  Don’t admonish yourself when whatever you wished to change pops in, just acknowledge it and send it away.  It took time to create whatever pattern you are demonstrating and may take time to make corrections or modifications.

Let them blow away into the wind.

What habit do you intend to let go starting today?

Forge ahead or choose to nourish the soul?

Forge ahead or choose to nourish the soul?


Bite Size Resolutions  Day 5


Do something nice for yourself each and every day

It can be the same thing each day such as starting your day with yoga or meditation, or ending your day reading your favourite poetry.  Or it can be something different each day – planned on a whim or what is needed.

Today was spent with a clients, errands  and valiantly trying to catch up on coursework without much success.

So do I forge ahead and probably be fairly unproductive, settle in to ‘make’ myself do computer work?

I can be fairly certain continuing to work at the computer will result in stiffness and perhaps feeling tired.  Reading in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea will be wonderful, but how will I feel?  Will I feel like I wasted the day?


“My whole teaching is this;  accept yourself, love yourself, and celebrate yourself.”


As much as getting changed again and going out into the cool damp day did not appeal whatsoever, I knew how I will feel if I did go for a walk. Awesome! And invigorated and stress free.

I had a recording of a reading I wished to revisit – so for the one and only time thus far – took my phone with me on the walk to listen in.  Interesting experience.  I enjoyed having the time to listen to the recording while also getting fresh air and exercise.  That, to me was a three-fold win/win situation.  Actually four as it was a break from the computer..

So you need to trade off the pros and cons but more so, thinking about the end results of each choice.  How good will you feel?

Which one calls to You?  Which will reap the most benefit?

Well….I’d love to stay and chat but I have to go get changed & prepped for my New Moon Celebration tonight.  Remember an earlier post where I jested about dusting off  the fondue pot?  Well…..that is exactly what is happening tonight before our festivities.  See you!

Today I will ………what will/did you do for yourself today?

Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Bite Size Resolutions – Day 4



Today we will reinforce rekindling with the added attraction of simplifying.  It’s the name of the game.

My Sister and I love to cook, create & entertain.  Our plans for a family gathering started off as a 5 course meal.  All these great recipes were dug out or found anew.


Simplify dinner

My mind and heart (I do love to create in the kitchen) was aglow and running rampant.  As the week moved onward my schedule thickened leaving me a little less enthusiastic,  the menu started to morph.  And morph some more……and again.  All motivation to work really hard lost to the wind.

Yes, we ended up being fed – however, only 3 courses and not 5.  Some of the more elaborate menus were switched out for ones I could make a day ahead and have at the ready.  My perspective was changing.

” Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”

Henry David Thoreau

The same plan was put into operation at a dinner I hosted the other night.  Menus downsized, plans became simpler and I even graciously accepted the offer of one guest to bring dessert.

And you know what?  We all had a great time regardless of the fact that I had downsized the menu and choices.  Of course a little more wine and a great dessert make short work of any grumblings – if there were to be any.

Remember – it’s the quality of the company and conversation that really is key to a wonderful visit. At least that is  my viewpoint.  Less work = more enjoyment of your friends and family.

What will you recreate, morph or downsize in your life or lifestyle?

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