Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Rekindling & Simplifying is the name of the game

Bite Size Resolutions – Day 4



Today we will reinforce rekindling with the added attraction of simplifying.  It’s the name of the game.

My Sister and I love to cook, create & entertain.  Our plans for a family gathering started off as a 5 course meal.  All these great recipes were dug out or found anew.


Simplify dinner

My mind and heart (I do love to create in the kitchen) was aglow and running rampant.  As the week moved onward my schedule thickened leaving me a little less enthusiastic,  the menu started to morph.  And morph some more……and again.  All motivation to work really hard lost to the wind.

Yes, we ended up being fed – however, only 3 courses and not 5.  Some of the more elaborate menus were switched out for ones I could make a day ahead and have at the ready.  My perspective was changing.

” Our life is frittered away by detail… simplify, simplify.”

Henry David Thoreau

The same plan was put into operation at a dinner I hosted the other night.  Menus downsized, plans became simpler and I even graciously accepted the offer of one guest to bring dessert.

And you know what?  We all had a great time regardless of the fact that I had downsized the menu and choices.  Of course a little more wine and a great dessert make short work of any grumblings – if there were to be any.

Remember – it’s the quality of the company and conversation that really is key to a wonderful visit. At least that is  my viewpoint.  Less work = more enjoyment of your friends and family.

What will you recreate, morph or downsize in your life or lifestyle?

Keep the angels toss the energy vampires

Keep the angels toss the energy vampires

Bite Size Resolution Day 2


MARCH 2017

What did you discover yesterday regarding the balance inequities in your life?

Today is the day to find some of the balance we found was lacking. Downsizing contact lists & finding the balance in relationships is the key today.


I found that although I do practice the balance concepts –  I need to divvy it up a little more beneficially.  I tend to go ‘all out’ in a fast a furious way to get a project completed (ok I confess….as a Gemini it is usually 6 projects at once).  Yep, I’ll be writing the segment on multitasking for me as well as for You.  😉

And then I take a day to play.

I strive to break up the tasks a little more by doing little play bits or rewards in between.  That way I won’t suffer fatigue, mental overload or stiffness from staying at task too long.


“Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.”

Irma Kurtz

Relationships of all types, romantic, friendship or business need to be reciprocal in some way.  If they are not, or are draining your energy then they must be released.


Being reciprocal does mean “I give you… give back now”.  Again it is a balance.  If you find yourself always giving while the other is always taking, this has to stop.


This is not as Scroogey or cruel as it may seem.  It’s called self-preservation or honouring ourselves and our time & energy.


If you a prone to over-giving, taking back seat, feeling like a doormat…..another days Bite will cover this.

Actionable steps:

  • Today I will continue to downsize my contacts; personal, business, emails newsletters, etc.  This seems to have evolved naturally in the past ½ year, but more needed.
  • This morning I’ve been unsubscribing, declining invitations to events that my heart isn’t in, and generally formulating a plan as to where/how I wish to spend my time and efforts.



Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting

Full Moon Ritual for Manifesting


MARCH 2017


Make space for the new during this full moon by releasing the old AND manifesting the new all in one.  Efficiency supreme.  😉

Here is a Full Moon Ritual I love and find quite powerful.

You will need a Full Moon and coins (I used dimes – why I don’t know just do)

You need to be out in the open preferably on or your balcony or patio.

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

George Carlin

Start by grounding yourself using whatever method works best for you.

Take your coin and let it absorb the moons energy by placing in a window or if you are outside already you can put it anywhere. Leave it here for about ½ hour.

Ask the coin to connect to the moon.

After ½ hour, hold the coin between your palms and declare what you want to release and what new you want to bring in.  Imagine (visualize) your desired outcome.

Throw the coin towards the moon and say:


“All my concerns and wishes

I release to you, Grandmother Moon

Fill them with love and give them light

For the highest good of everyone involved”.


Don’t try to look where you coin fell or landed.  Just let it be.

Thank Grandmother moon and absorb her energy.

When I did this the first time,  I cut the grass the next day.  I was being greedy so did 3 different things and used 1 dime for each.

When I cut the poor excuse of grass they were all gone!  My grass that was left after the summer drought was so thin and sparse that there is no way they could be hiding.

Where did they go?  How cool is this?

What’s in it for me?  Or why we give.

What’s in it for me? Or why we give.


The seemingly question of this decade…What happens if we Give instead of take? Watch this very insightful video (watch to the end it’s well worth it) to find out! The author of this video will be a great surprise to you I’m sure.

The choice is always ours to make.

Watch this video!

Let’s all do at least one good deed today – without expectation of return. How did it make you feel? Will you look or an opportunity tomorrow? And the next day and the next?

We don’t have to look far to find someone who could use a helping hand.  Do we assist or do we turn away?  Your choice.  It could make the world of difference to the person – you never know!

Feng Shui for Children

Feng Shui for Children

By applying these techniques of Feng Shui  for children you should be well on your way to creating healthy, harmonious surroundings for your family.

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement. Basically, the intent is to harness the earth’s natural energies to create harmonious living conditions and balance. Balance is always the key to healthy living.

Chi is the energy that animates; it is our life force. The flow of chi needs to be balanced. Too slow promotes stagnation (just think of a blocked off pond) and too fast promotes hyperactivity and discord.

The simplest way to start to obtain this balance is to be mindful of the yin and yang concept. Each colour, texture, shape, scent and sound is either yin or yang. There are many books available to help you choose which are which.

If a child is behaving yang-like by being too hyper, loud or dominant then amplify the yin in his/her surroundings. Likewise if the child is being too passive, tired or slow moving, add yang to their life.

Here are a few tips to get started using foods, colour, de-cluttering, scent and a few other easy tools.
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10 Dowsing Do’s & Don’ts/2

10 Dowsing Do’s & Don’ts/2

Tips for your Dowsing:

  1. Sensing: When sensing for information, do not attach
    yourself to it.
  2. Protect Yourself. 
  3. Direct questions. You assume it knows what you were
    talking about.
  4. Life’s Lessons and Restricted Areas: We are not to interfere
    with anyone’s ‘Lessons in Life” or possibly their “Karma”
  5. Privacy: Always respect personal privacy.
  6. Apparent Universal Law: Be aware that there seems to
    be a universal law of cause and effect.
  7. Diagnosing: Do Not diagnose or give medical advice of
    any kind!
  8. Sharing with Others: Gradually and discreetly share
    with those who want to know.
  9. Open Mind: Always keep your mind open to new ideas
    and look for ways to improve.
  10. Keep it Simple: Try to keep all aspects of your dowsing
    as simple as you can.

Be sure to practice and enjoy your dowsing.

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