Bite Size Resolutions Day 3


MARCH 2017

To add to our “Keep the angels toss the energy vampires” exercise of yesterday we’ll head into inviting in those that enhance our lives – rekindle your ties.

Purge & rekindle.  Reconnect with people that resonate and hold a place in your heart.

Rekindle and also purge. At the same time lovingly (or not – your choice) let go of those who don’t.

We all have friends or family that we just don’t get to see often enough.  We’ve all become so busy and scattered geographically that regular or any get-togethers have fallen by the way side.

I invited wonderful friends that I hadn’t seen for too long for dinner.  Then to be efficient with time, I invited another.  Cooking for a pair or few doesn’t change much.  We all had so much fun and new friendships may have been kindled.

I was reminded of being known for my dinner and cocktail parties in the past – remember back when – when we did that a lot?  Guess that was when my wings were clipped with raising children and actually being home more often.


“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”

William Butler Yeats

I had a knack of mixing and matching different backgrounds, personalities, walks of life, interest groups etc.  By skill or great luck (who knows which) my parties were always fun and interesting in conversation.  By party I mean being able to have meaningful or intelligent conversation – not too many people/too much noise drinking fests.

I recall how much I enjoyed hosting these events and decided that I would make room for more of this.

Time to dust off the fondue set?  Lol

Action Steps:

Please take a moment to sit quietly, still your mind (well as much as you can), and let random thoughts/images of people you miss float through.

Then get to it!  Go ahead…..text, email or phone.  Hey remember that?  A real voice talking to you not at you?

Let us know in the Bite Size Challenge Group what you decided to do to rekindle and more importantly how does it make you feel?


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