Bite Size Resolution Day 6



Stop using expletives!#*#!##



Many friends, clients & students have commented that 2016 was pretty much a WTF year.  So much globally, personally and politically gone seriously awry.  We seemed to be in a perpetual electronic Mercury retrograde, plans requiring much altering, health issues, so many losses.  It did go on.


Unfortunately that very descriptive term crept into daily use. There will always time that the term will be very aptly elicited however it does not need to be a regular term.  Like when we were raising our children – we needed to pick the times that ‘punishment’ of sorts were used.  Save it for the big stuff.

Must swear off from swearing. Bad habit.

Rutherford B. Hayes

I don’t think in the 27 years my ex and I were together that he ever heard me drop the F bomb.  Swearing just wasn’t something I did.  Gives an idea of what a year this past one was – and of course I’ll lay some blame on my younger friends as a bad influence.  😉

Conscious effort will be made to stop myself before saying it and replace it with a more socially acceptable word.  I can’t say apt – because when I do use the other it sure is fitting!

You can do this with any habit or thought form.  Don’t admonish yourself when whatever you wished to change pops in, just acknowledge it and send it away.  It took time to create whatever pattern you are demonstrating and may take time to make corrections or modifications.

Let them blow away into the wind.

What habit do you intend to let go starting today?

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