Why I’m thankful I messed up my website.  Or Believe!

Today I will continue to feel blessed for what I have and what is going right.  It’s so easy to jump into worry and drama.


The other day I was working behind the scenes on a new website. Well….something went terribly amiss and I could not log into any of my websites!  I search the net in vain for a solution, sent off tech support panic messages to no avail.  So many solutions that didn’t work.  Figured I’d be spending my day at it again….having cancelled all plans.


The next morning I awoke faaar too early with worry on my mind.  I didn’t want to ruin my day before it started so did some Reiki on myself.  It calmed me down enough to think that perhaps a miracle had occurred overnight and all would be well.  I tried to log in to all the sites to no avail.

I decided then to continue on with plans for sushi lunch and that night’s dinner & party.  Just put it aside while waiting for a solution – someone must have one somewhere.  I needed to Trust that all would be well.


“Believe it is possible to solve your problem. Tremendous things happen to the believer. So believe the answer will come. It will.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Just as I about to go into the shower to drown my sorrows and plan my escape to hermit-dom sans technology I had the ‘newsflash’ to check again.  Really dumb idea as I had just done that ½ hour prior.  Well….I listened and guess what?  All was working again!

OK that is too weird, even for me to handle.  I guess the Universe just wanted me to take it easy for a day – I had been overdoing it at the computer for days now.

One of the good/bad things about having taught Reiki for over 20 years is my students.  Whenever I veer from what I teach, they’re more than happy to step up and remind me.  Thanks!

Whatever caused the issue that had been present for 12 hours to magically vanish matters not today.  What does matter is learning/remembering to Trust.


“All will work out in the end.  If it hasn’t, it’s not the end”.  Sorry I don’t know who to attribute this quote to.

What will You believe in today?  And hopefully everyday…..


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