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Awakening your ability to expand your horizons with teachings in Energy Work, Axiatonal Alignment, Intuition Development, Feng Shui, Stressbusters, Iridology, Pain Management and Ancestral Soul Dance. EXPLORE

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New Life. New Beginnings. New Attitude. Fearlessly! It’s time to jump back into the game and rewrite the script.  Individual or group sessions. In person or online.


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If your body & soul calls for recharging, a vacation for your brain, expanding horizons, learning about new cultures & adventure then travel is your ticket (pun intended). EXPLORE 

Your life on a teeter totter

Bite Size Resolution Challenge - Day 1 20 MARCH 2017 Happy Spring Equinox!  Integral is the balance between light and dark in Spring Equinox Today’s Bite Size challenge is to find the BALANCE in our lives, or re-find in some cases – we tend to head off into either too...

Spring Equinox -how to manifest

Spring Equinox resonates with the young, playful, and new. The sun brings the active growing cycle, so get ready to actively plant your garden (internally & externally) and your desires.

Quinoa Pear Porridge

Try this gluten free, protein rich Quinoa recipe to shake up your breakfast routine or enjoy this as a dessert.

Always use organic ingredients where available.

Prewashed quinoa , juice, water, maple syrup, ground cinnamon & pears.

10 Dowsing Do’s and Don’ts

Tips for your Dowsing: Sensing: When sensing for information, do not attach yourself to it. Protect Yourself.  Direct questions. You assume it knows what you were talking about. Life’s Lessons and Restricted Areas: We are not to interfere with anyone’s ‘Lessons in...

Feng Shui for Children

By applying these techniques of Feng Shui  for children you should be well on your way to creating healthy, harmonious surroundings for your family. Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) is the ancient Chinese art and science of placement. Basically, the intent is to...

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Gave me the tools I needed

I found the Ancestral Memories Journey weekend to be an experience that moved the soul and the course of my life. It opened my eyes to life patterns which were always there but never seen or understood. This weekend gave me the tools I needed to live my life actively rather than being pulled along Continue Reading

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